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Professional holiday photo shoot. Services available are photos of everyday events as well as personal photo shoots on the beach,
garden setting and sunset. Before getting sunset photos we will get garden photos locally.
The garden photos will include the stunning nature from the gardens including palm trees and exotic flowers giving you more
diversity in the photos available for you.As well as evening sunset photos we offer morning or afternoon photos.
The morning and/or afternoon photos are taken on the cliffs offering more stunning backdrops as well as photos taken on the beach down by the sea.
For your photo shoot, different clothing can be brought. You may wish to bring more formal clothing or swimwear.
Any costumes and accessories can be brought to suit your preference.
All photo shoots are free and all you have to do is simply pay for your favourite photos.
For more information and to book your photo shoot visit us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you are staying at Tac Premier Hotel, please contact the hotel photographer to book up and get more information.

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